Meet three and a half year old Archie.

He is a bit of a Pocket Rocket!

Archie is from the working side of the breed and has always lived as part of a family in the UK.

He is house trained and sociable with other dogs. He is gentle and affectionate and loves to please.

He is also bright and intelligent and a very quick learner!

His recall isn't 100% but he is keen to learn and truly wants to be with people. He loves his cuddles and has good manners in the house, he needs work to encourage him not to pull on the lead but this is a minor issue .

He needs a home where he will have plenty of company and exercise although he has been a solo dog in a household and does not have separation difficulties we think he would love to be part of a dog /human family where he has friends with 4 legs.

Are you the right one for Archie?

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