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We love our dogs because each is an individual with likes and dislikes, quirky ways and full of unique character, so it makes sense that matching a dog to a potential owner takes a little time.

You're here because you really like the look of an Irish Setter, adding to your family is a big step and we want to be sure that we do the very best we can for the dogs in our care and that means we need to know about your situation as well as your enthusiasm for owning a Setter!


You can add yourself to our waiting list if there isn't a dog listed that suits you, until we have a completed form from you we will not discuss and individual dogs.

You may not have owned an Irish Setter before so please take time to research the breed characteristics , you'll find more information on this website.


You will need to complete a Registration of Interest form which gives us an idea of the age, breed and type of dog that will suit you.


If you have seen a dog here that appeals to you ON THE WEBSITE  the first thing is to make contact with us either by EMail or by 'phone.

We can then tell you more about the dog and guide you through our adoption process.

Once this has been done a home check can be arranged and then you are ready to go onto the next step.

Once we have agreed that a dog has a very good chance of fitting into your family we arrange for the dog to come to you for a month on "FOSTER WITH ADOPTION IN MIND"

During that month we keep in contact to ensure all is going smoothly, if all is well , full adoption takes place at the end of the month foster period.


There is a donation for most of the dogs in our care, please understand this isn't the value of the dog it is a donation to continue to help other dogs. We will tell you how much we suggest at the beginning of the process.

We ensure that the dog is:

  • Microchipped

  • Fully Vaccinated

  • 4 weeks insurance


In most cases the dog or bitch will be neutered although every dog is considered as an individual case.

The Rescue Scheme can also help with veterinary expenses for elderly dogs - with the exception of preventative medicine which includes vaccination, worming and flea control.


It's import to consider insuring your new family member, accidents happen and Veterinary Bills can be very expensive. Third Party liability is absolutely necessary.


Who can Adopt from Independent Setter Rescue & Rehome ?


You have to be at least 21 to adopt from us, we don't have an upper age limit but great care will be made to ensure the suitability of an individual dog for an older person. When considering re homing to a more mature person we would look for either friends or family support in case of ill health of the adopter. We take our responsibility to that dog seriously and would always work to help in difficult situations.

Each dogs needs are different so your home situation should reflect these, for instance a more mature dog would find sets of stairs difficult to cope with. A dog with high energy would be frustrated living in a family where there wasn't provision for plenty of exercise, it's important that you are honest when describing your lifestyle to enable us to match the right dog with the right owner.

CHILDREN: Sadly we cannot re home to a family where the resident children are under the age of ten unless we have proof that the dog has lived with young children in harmony


Owning a dog is a responsibility both financially and emotionally, we will do our best to make sure you are fully aware of the possible costs involved.

If you don't own your own home we will want to see your tenant's agreement which will state whether having a dog on the premises is permitted.

It's very important that any existing pets are introduced to your potential new family member, that goes for all of your family too!

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