Dog Toy

Rarely do we have such a specific description of a home that is suitable for a dog but Danny is a bit special!

He is 4 years old and he is neutered.Danny is from the working side of the breed, which means he has high energy and is as bright as a button!

Danny does not want to live with children although he gets on with them well.

He does not want to live with cats or small furries.

What he does want is a home where he has the company of other dogs who are as sociable and even tempered as he is.

Danny has enjoyed agility training and would like to continue with this great sport , it burns his energy and gives him a "job" to do . He requires someone who is very familiar with agility.

He needs someone who can focus on him and return the loyalty he so wants to give.

If you fit ALL of this description please do get in touch.

I'm sorry, but we cannot consider a partial match , Danny is a one in a million dog .